Hearing the name Ted Sistrunk immediately conjures up feelings of exploration, sensitivity and versatility.  Just try googling his name. You’ll see why he’s one of the areas most sought–after bassists.

Originally from Manhattan Kansas, Sistrunk attended Arizona State University to study with Chuck Mahronich.  He has also studied with bassists Rufus Reid, Dave Holland, and Michael Formanack. Additionally, he has honed his composition, arranging and improvisational skills by studying with the always innovative trumpeter/composer/educator Ralph Alessi.

Ted’s talents and accomplishments combine to make him a valuable asset as bass instructor at Paradise Valley Community College.

Highly proficient in a vast collection of musical styles, Sistrunk always brings his ear for melodic lines and a solid, fat groove.  

Ted’s affinity for Contemporary Jazz delves into the outer reaches of his art form with his latest musical probe “Jiggle.” His original compositions and arrangements focus on an emotional continuity rich in serpentine grooves and textures of intricate power. This intense group improvisation with its lurking, film-noir undertones is fused with pure joy and the stylistic contrasts of Bryon Ruth on tenor sax and Scott Zimmer on soprano sax. Occasionally peppering the brew is reeds player Eric Rasmussen. And completing the collective caldron on drums is Rob Moore, providing his percussive "eye of newt."

 “Jiggle” performs every other Monday at the Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix for the adventurous listener. Check their schedule on Facebook.

To contact Ted call 602.615.6765 or email at bullfiddle@earthlink.net

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